Tuesday, April 30, 2013

whatsuppp !


hey hey you you !! how r u today? Bonjour !! asta lavista ahakk
haha nonsense me .. kehkeh

So helloo hello , Finally i get time to stalk my Bloggie hehe
misss yaa ! 
Thank you to those who keep stalking my bloggie , 
2 Words '' I APPRECIATE '' !! hee

there's not much i could tell ya bcoz i donno what to say haha urmm
all i do in this house is just siting , relaxing , playing, cooking and all the house chores i do. 
Boring Right ?
yeaaa i knew it

Ouhh, about my studies. I really wanna futher my studies in UPSI . I really2 wanna go there. Pray me the best okayy ? InsyaAllah. But whatever i get, I accept. 

Maybe it was my destiny, my faith ^_^ wink2
hee, i wanna be someone special and someone proud of 
So let see what happen 0_o '

hee dada graciass !! 

De Honey Girl  


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