Sunday, April 12, 2015

3 Major Lessons In LeaderShip


Hi everyone, 
feel great today ? Yes ! you do .. 
Alhamdulillah hee 

Alright So, Oh yes today i had read Something
that might be useful to those
Who REALLY wanna be a Good LEADER

Well, EVeryone can be a leader, 
If only you have trust in yourself 

SO here,,,, The Three Major Lessons In LeaderShip 

  • The Ability to See The Potential Advantage In a High Risk Situation  
Well , you must know that leader must have the judgment to assess the risk to see if it is worth taking.
there has to be a balance between getting overly extended on the one hand and losing out
on major potential gains by risk averse on the other. 
  • Consultative Decision Making
It is essential to take people into confident if you want their commitment to your cause. right??
well all you need is ,, the leader must share all relevant information, must trust people
and must be prepared to put your own credibility on the line. 
Then, you must ensure that you has the genuine support of all your follower
 and make sure that you takes steps to unearth and hesitation or conflict
as early as possible.. ^_^
The Possibility of SUCCESS is very Important.
Excitement after all is fear that is Optimistic of Success.
  • Internal Faith and Connection With ALLAH
Ultimately leadership is about the willingness to stand alone before your Rabb and ask
for Allah help for the mission. You must know that everything that you do you must
ask for Allah guide.. It need enough of a connection with Allah to enable
the leader to do this with confident that he hears and will answer
But i believe that it is this connection that is often missing 
and in that case is a critical deficiency.  
 So i guess I had share Something that can give Benefit TO YOU
yes YOU.. 
The Leader MUST have Knowledge Before Leading 
And I know All of YOU are a GOOD LEADER
Be a good leader that can lead people in the way of ALLAH
In shaa Allah 
-Thank you-


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