Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pra University ( Form 6 )


Hello ! Hello ! Hello !
hyeeeee theree miss me miss me !!

oh dear i missss my bloggie 
Sorry for not update my blog because i'm too busy with the school stuff , well i meant i went to form 6 haha.
What do I mean ? 
well back to school !!! Congratulation to Me haha . 
well much fun too in Form 6. Got to meet new friends and teachers. 
and my new friends are very kind. haha i think so. weee
hope sooo 

So i'm still waiting for UPU result . Hope I get UPSI . I really want to futher my study there in English Language. I want to be a teacher to a small children . like kinder garden child . hehe
because i knew kids will appreciate n loves their teachers. 

It's okay , I'll always pray that i could get UPSI . Well i'm just waiting for it and keep waiting till i know the result. I'll promised you, i'll inform you about it okay ! 

are you sleeping? are you sleeping ? 
yet ! i'm sleepy now huhu
can i sleep? 
Of course thank you 
oh ya it's not to late for me to say 

' Happy mother's day '' but for me , mothers day are everyday. 
LOVE YOU MOM !! thank you . muah muah 

To thoseee who love their mom !!! Say I LOVE YOU MOM , well it's not too late hehe
dadaaa gracias ~!


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