Saturday, November 29, 2014

a feeling of a true love

and here I'm back again

so today here's something thing its a thing haha
about a feeling from a woman's heart called ' mother '

When i first saw you sayang , i started to fall in love with you,
your eyes tell that you're mine 
and no one ever dare take u away from me
Except One n only One
' Allah ' 
Your smile can bright up my day.. no it's everyday 
My life was so happy since you're born baby, 
oh how mama loves you so much dear 
'' Oh look, u just hold my finger baby ''
it was a feeling that was.. was something that i've dream for 
and i wished for to feel having a child
even though the reality is ..
it's not me who gave birth to you
but mama promised you sayang
what ever comes to you, 
mama will be right here ..
beside you 
Hold your hand like you first hold my finger
You are the reason , 
you are the Gift given by Allah,, 
You are the one for me, 
I get a feeling of being a mother.. 
Allah knows what we need
Allah just give what i really need..


CopyRight@segala yg tercatat di atas adalah hak milik CErIta Hati CT